About Google World

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The website is an independent site about Google, such as information about Google SEO skills, Google Adsense guideline, Google Adsense Optimization, Google Adsense Observation, Google Adsense Revenue, Google Chrome, Google Pixelbook and Chromebook, Google Pixel phone, Google chrome OS, Google Wear, Google Pixel Buds, Google Android, Google Pay and Play, as well as Google News about Google Tech, Google hardware and software.

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Here are the contents of the site:

Google SEO: gives Google SEO skills.
Google AdSense Guideline: gives freshmen the guideline to use Google AdSense to monetize their sites.
Google AdSense Optimization: gives the optimization skills about Google AdSense.
Google Adsense Observation: observes the news and developments of Google AdSense.
Google Adsense Revenue: discusses the Google AdSense revenue of the industry.
Google News: reports news about Google.
Google Chrome: concerns the news and using skills about Google Chrome browser.
Google Tech: tech news about Google.
Google Book: news and reviews about Google Pixelbook, Chromebook.
Googler Phone: news and reviews about Google Pixel phone.
Google Chrome OS: news and reviews about Google Chrome OS system.
Google Wear: news and reviews about Google Wear.
Google Pixel Buds: news and reviews about Google Pixel Buds.
Google hardware: news and reviews about Google intellegent hardwares.
Google Android: news and reviews about Google Android.
Google Pay and Play:news and reviews about Google Pay and Play.